Comprehensive Plumbytes Anti-Malware Review

The internet has a problem with malware and your computer is probable infected with some.

Malware is a malicious software program that is designed to “spy” on your computer activities and send data back to a third party.

Malware is an umbrella term used that includes malicious software programs such as viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, adware and scareware.

That’s why it makes sense to have an anti-malware program like Plumbytes installed on your PC to remove any malicious programs.

Signs that you may have a malware infection include having annoying pop-ups appear while you’re browsing the internet. Having your homepage changed without your permission. It can also make your computer run slower then normal.

How It Works

Once you have downloaded and installed Plumbytes Anti-Malware, it will automatically run a full system scan of your PC. Once the scan is finished, it will list any malware it finds on your computer.


As you can see, its found a few nasties on my test system. Engage.Cookie, Zedo.Cookie and CrossRider.PUA.

Removing these threats is easy. You just click the “remove selected” button, which  you’ll then be asked for a liesence. If you have not purchased one, you can can get one by following the on screen instructions.

Once you have your licence, Plumbytes will run in the background from now on. This will stop any other malware from infecting your computer.

Plumbytes Features

Plumbytes has excellent features when compared to other anti malware programs. The thing I like best about Plumbytes is the included 24/7 remote assistance! This is an excellent feature for the less tech savy user.

Here are the main features of the program,

  1. Real Time Protection – The program is updated daily to keep your PC protected from any new threats that are released.
  2. It a malware remover – Remove annoying browser toolbars or extensions, spyware, hijackers, ad injects and other types of malware.
  3. It can restores your browser – Restore your hijacked browser, search engine and home page.
  4. Remote Assistance – 24/7 live technical support from experts to your service. Their experts will help you remove any kind of PC threat.

Ease Of Use

Plumbytes anti-malware is very easy to use. The user interface is simple yet elegant. It doesn’t try to bambusel you with hundreds of options and is a set and forget program.

Once the initial scan is out of the way, Plumbytes will quietly run in the background keeping your PC safe from future infections with very little input needed from you again.


Plumbytes anti-malware is a great choice for the less tech savy user with its easy to use interface and free 24/7 tech support. There are slightly cheaper programs available, but you wont get the remote assistance.


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