Complete Guide to Using Stock Android Keyboard on Any Android Device

Google Keyboard

Are you sick of the laggy keyboard on your HTC or Samsung mobile phone or tablet? Do you want to change your devices keyboard to the super fast stock android one? Replace HTC Sense or Samsung’s bloated keyboard with the instructions below.

  1. First head over to the Play Store and search for Google Keyboard. Download and install it on your phone or tablet. Heres the link.Installing Google Keyboard
  2. Next open the Google Keyboard setup wizard. Tap “Get Started” and follow the onscreen instructions.
  3. To enable Google Keyboard, tap “Enable in Settings” and select Google Keyboard from the Keyboard & Input Methods.Enable Google Keyboard
  4. Next, tap “Switch input methods” and select Google Keyboard.Choose input method
  5. That’s it. Tap “Finish” to exit the wizard.Congratulations finish setup

Now you can enjoy Google’s small and efficient keyboard without all the lag and bloat Samsung and HTC include with their branded Android skins.

Any problems setting up your device? Leave a comment below!

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